project name : knowledge city new capital consultant: ECG client: Archirodon Group NV – EL SOADAA GROUB -UNITED ADVANCED SYSTEMS
Main contractor: ECG
Scope of work : Curtain wall ‐ Dome ‐ Perforated ACP Cladding
Scope Quantity : Archirodon Group NV
‐ Curtain wall : 10610 M²
‐ Dome : 1356 M²
‐ Perforated ACP Clading :3600 M²
‐ ACP Clading : 2300 M²
EL SOADAA GROUP: ‐Curtain wall:7700 M ‐ Perforated ACP Clading :1200M
UNITED advanced building system: –Curtain wall:1486 M² ‐ Perforated ACP Clading :200 M status:85%

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